Elder Law/ Medicaid/ Title XIX


Our firm is often contacted by clients concerned about maintaining independence, lifestyle, and dignity for themselves or a loved one. Our firm is dedicated to working with clients and their families in order to obtain an understanding of their objectives and to develop a plan tailored to their needs and wishes. While planning is best done well in advance of need for either long term care or an incapacitating event, our firm can also provide valuable guidance for those who have not had the opportunity to plan in advance.

Our firm has the knowledge and experience to help clients deal with the crippling costs associated with long term nursing home care, as well as providing insight to the programs and opportunities which may currently be available for clients to receive long term care in their home or the home of a loved one. We have the experience to provide clients and their families with a thorough understanding of the multitude of public and private programs (e.g. Medicaid [aka Title XIX], Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders, Long Term Care Insurance, Connecticut Partnership Plans, etc.) available to individuals who require long term care and to identify those programs which are relevant to them. Importantly, our firm can provide valuable knowledge as to the process, procedures, and rules for how one becomes eligible for those programs.