Estate Administration


Administration of an estate can often times be an overwhelming experience for individuals. Our firm is intimately familiar with probate procedure and can ease the burden during an emotionally trying time. Each estate is handled with specialized and individualized attention.

Depending upon your comfort level, our firm can handle the daily tasks involved with administering an estate (from contacting creditors and social Security to paying bills), or limit our involvement to the preparation of required probate forms, tax returns and offering legal advice. Generally, we are called on to prepare necessary probate documents, attend hearings, prepare and file federal and state estate and income tax returns, deal with tax audits, and prepare accountings. Our firm has experience in settling the smallest and largest estates.

In addition, our firm often represents individuals and financial institutions as Trustee for testamentary and inter-vivos trust administration. Our firm handles the preparation of trust accounts, income tax returns, and provides legal advice to trustees on various trust administration issues.

As part of Estate Administration, our firm analyzes each estate to determine if any tax issues exist or may have arisen after death for which planning may still be available and which will result in savings of estate and income taxes.